Early Childhood

Young children reveal unconscious thoughts and feelings through play and other expressive means. This information provides us with clues on how to best help them heal from difficulties they may have inherited or experienced in their young lives.

A child who is frequently angry and defiant can develop good self-control. Children who are withdrawn and fearful can learn to comfortably socialize with others. Parents can learn effective ways to play and problem-solve with their children to help them move through difficulty to places of self-confidence and joy.

My experience in early childhood psychotherapy is extensive. I am an Early Childhood Behavioral Health Clinician and Consultant for the Together for Kids prevention program at Community Healthlink in Central, MA which services children ages 2 to 5. I also have over 11 years experience as a Child and Family Psychotherapist and Consultant for early childhood programs in Boston and Cambridge, MA.

I am the author of “Storytelling in the Peaceable Classroom” and “Preventing Bullying and Namecalling,” in Early Childhood Adventures in Peacemaking: A Conflict Resolution Activity Guide for Early Childhood Educators, Work/Family Directions and Educators for Social Responsibility.

My services include individual and family therapy, observations, consultations for parents and educators, support groups, workshops and presentations.


  • Social and emotional competence: intervention and curriculum possibilities for early childhood programs
  • Helping a child whose behavior is ‘out of control’ – tips for early childhood programs
  • Therapeutic storytelling
  • What to do about bullying in early childhood programs

“Our family has had the good fortune of being recommended to Carol through our pediatrician. Carol’s soft spoken approach and child centered discussions were so welcoming to our young children. She brought clarity to our son’s challenges, but also gently raised my awareness of how my own behavior impacts our children. She has become an invaluable resource, and through our work with Carol, I believe there is greater strength and confidence for my son, and a stronger bond between all in our family.”  parent of 5 & 8 year old clients