I help children, adolescents, adults, and families who experience problems related to;

  • emotions, behavior
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • loss, trauma
  • relationships: family members, peers
  • anger, aggression, tantrums, defiance
  • attention, hyperactivity
  • special needs
  • social skills, self-control
  • bullying

Individual therapy
Parent/Child therapy
Parent/Guardian consultations
Mindfulness-based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy,, trauma focused play therapy and therapeutic storytelling*, are several of the therapeutic approaches I use.

*Therapeutic Storytelling

Drawing on my background in storytelling, I involve clients -ages 4 to adult – in co-creating unique healing stories designed just for them. This technique is integrated with traditional approaches involving: communication about feelings, thoughts and behavior, play, and collaborative problem-solving.

I am the author of “Story Therapy: from shadows into light,” “Bullying, Storytelling and Healing” and “Storytelling in the Peaceable Classroom.” I give talks and lead workshops on therapeutic storytelling.

On the Wings of Imagination: Storytelling for your own Well-Being. See upcoming events.